Testing phone lines for three-way calling with external call transfer capability

If you want your xMatters deployment to call people and 'push' them into a conference call, you MUST ensure that the voice lines used by xMatters have three-way calling with external call transfer capabilities enabled on your phone system. This article describes how to test your phone system for this capability.

Issue Details

With custom scripting, xMatters can be used to call multiple Phone (Voice) Device recipients and place them into a conference call. However, you must  ensure that the voice lines used by xMatters have three-way calling with external call transfer capabilities enabled. The steps in the "Testing Your  Phone System" section below should be executed manually to ensure that your phone system has these capabilities.


xMatters can press any button a person can, including a "flash"; in essence, xMatters is simulating a person throughout the call process. This means that if this test shows that your phone system does not allow three-way  calls with external transfers, it may simply be a matter of configuring the phone line or phone system properly.

Note that three-way calling with external call transfer may be disabled on corporate phone systems to prevent users from calling a recipient long distance,  joining them with another party, and then disconnecting. This can result in the company being improperly charged for the long distance call.

Testing Your Phone System

Use an analog phone line (i.e., a line that will be used for xMatters in the Dialogic card) and an analog phone to perform these steps.

To test your phone system manually to ensure it has three-way calling  with external call capability enabled:

  1. Pick up the phone and place a call; when you are connected, put the call recipient on hold.
  2. From the same phone, call the conferencing system and enter the codes to start a conference call.
  3. Reconnect the recipient on hold.   
    • You are now on a three-way call.
  4. Hang up the phone.   
    • The first call recipient should still be connected to the conference call.
  5. Use a different phone to add yourself to the conference call and then verify that the first call recipient is still connected.

xMatters Reference

JDN-1304 Originally created by Don Clark

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