Integration Agent 4.1.0


The AlarmPoint Integration Agent provides a new method  for interacting with AlarmPoint components. Through its support for  industry standard Web Services, the Integration Agent provides the  following benefits:

  • Standardized communication protocol
  • Simpler implementation and reduced training requirements via SOAP/XML
  • Streamlined deployment using standard corporate tools for load balancing and resiliency
  • Flexible scripting environment (JavaScript) that can  be used to perform any number of activities (command line execution,  JDBC connections, file read/write, etc.). This makes the Integration  Agent a flexible processing engine supplying information/services for  the requesting systems.
  • Seamless integration with Mangement Systems, including  the ability to inititate AlarmPoint events and respond to requests from  AlarmPoint Action Script

Note: This version of the xMatters integration agent is for premises installations of xMatters version 4.1 only.

Integration Agent Serial Number


Windows 2008 Notes

Please read this KBA regarding use of the Integration Agent on Windows 2008:

Download Resources:

Integration Agent Guide

Download (2.9 MB)

Integration Agent Release Notes

Download (10 kB)

Integration Agent - Windows

Download (153 MB)

Integration Agent - Linux (32bit)

Download (181 MB)

Integration Agent - Linux (64bit)

Download (168 MB)

Integration Agent - HP/UX Itanium

Download (274 MB)

Integration Agent - HP/UX PARISC

Download (208 MB)

Integration Agent - Solaris

Download (183 MB)

Integration Agent - AIX

Download (216 MB)

xMatters Reference

JDN-1413 Originally created by Doru Davidson

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