5.0.1 (5.0 Patch 1) New Feature Overview (4/5/2012)

We’re excited to announce our first patch release for 5.0. The patch provides bug fixes (for details, see xMatters 5.0 patch 001 Release Notes) and adds the cool new features outlined below.

5.0.1 is our first 5.0 release with Windows support! New or existing clients who are looking to re-implement can now install on Windows 2008 R2 running against Oracle 11G R2. We're now busy working on SQL Server 2008 support so that you can have an all-Windows stack - we're currently targeting May 31st for that release.

Script Updates Automatically Applied to Template Company

We have the most flexible notification platform in existence (we don't call it a relevance engine for nothing), and its amazing flexibility can generate some complexity. To better help our clients with basic needs, we now default all Event Domains to use the template script packages. When our installer is used to upgrade a 5.0 system to the latest patch level, the template script packages are automatically updated. The end result is that you will always get the latest and greatest script package changes from us. If you don't want us overwriting your changes with each patch, you can change any of the Event Domains to point to your Company script packages. So, now you can choose between ease of maintenance and powerful flexibility.

 Deleted User, Team, and Device Data Purge

Enterprise organizations want to ensure that they can audit changes to their system. However, we're been taking the concept a little too far: prior to this patch, user data deleted in our system has never, ever actually been deleted from our system. Got that? Deleted data was instead marked as deleted and not shown in the UI, but the records would still exist in our system. At the request of several clients (especially those with hundreds of thousands of users) we have changed the way our Purge/Archive process runs so that the system will actually remove the records once they are older than the data retention settings for Purge/Archive. Now your databases can be leaner and meaner without any extra records - just make sure you're happy with your retention settings before you apply the patch!

 Hide Incorrect Historical Data

Previously our web user interface showed historical data which was incorrect. The system is not designed to give you a view of the past; rather, it's designed to show current or future schedules. We have updated both the weekly and monthly views so that they no longer show incorrect historical data.

Weekly View

Monthly View

 Time And Date Report Formatting Changes

As part of our constant quest to make the system as user-friendly as possible, we're adopting a new date/time format for the user interface. Previously we used a format that showed time zone offset (e.g., "-008") in the date/time values. We received feedback that the format looked like a time range, so we've switched to using the time zone names as defined in the Admin > Location >Time Zones settings shown in the administrator screen here:

We've also added some new defaults and controls to the Who's On Duty Report. All of these changes are client-recommended and improve the usability of the report. Here's an overview of those changes:
















 Increased Duration for BlackBerry Messages

As the BlackBerry platform has matured, its push capabilities have also evolved. Recent changes to the caching mechanism are reported to cause messages to be deleted from the cache before end users have read them. We are now passing in a cache expiration request for our push messages to request a 36-hour expiration so that the messages should last as long as our standard event duration.

Learn More

These are the main new features in this release, but please check out the full release notes for all of the details on these features as well as a few others. We hope you enjoy the new release!

Until the next update,

The xMatters Team

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