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Originally created by Doug Peete on Oct 22, 2012 8:09 AM 

We’re excited to announce our lastest patch release for 5.0, and it is an exciting one. The patch provides the usual collection of bug fixes (for details, see xMatters 5.0 patch 005 Release Notes(http://community.xmatters.com/docs/DOC-3332)) as well as the first migration path for clients from 4.1 to 5.0 and some important new reporting updates.

5.0 Migration

5.0.5 is our first release with a migration path from 4.1 to 5.0. Clients on 4.1 can now start planning their migration to the latest and greatest xMatters capabilities. The best way to get up to speed is to read our KBA on the subject: Migrating from 4.1 to 5.0


In this release we put the finishing touches on our new reporting. Gone are the crusty old Exhaustive, Notifications Summary and Event Summary Reports. And we mean GONE - they will no longer show up in the user interface. But don't fret, the Log, Tracking and Properties reports blow those old reports our of the water (see 5.0.4 (5.0 Patch 4) for an overview of why we are making the changes). And we also cooked in a new report known as a Report Card that can be used to objectively track how your organization's communication plans are tracking against your delivery goals. Here are all the reporting changes and enhancements:


Event Activity

The Event Activity report is now trimmed down to be lean and mean with only the new reports showing. We have also ordered them in terms of relative use with the Tracking Report rising to the top (as the most commonly-used report) and the Properties Report at the bottom. The screenshot below shows a sample, but the list of reports there will change depending on whether you are using our Advanced Messaging/Scenario features (which add the Scenario Summary Report) or conferencing (which adds the Conference Report):

Tracking Report

It isn't new for this release, but the Tracking Report now completely replaces the Event Summary and Notifications Summary Reports (except for Advanced Message/Scenario events - these have the Scenario Summary Status report). As such you will no longer find either of those reports in our UI. The real-time updating and drill-through capabilities of the Tracking Report provide all of the features of the old reports, and then some (otherwise, uh, why bother, right?).


We did make one change to the tracking report: we are standardizing on Delivered meaning "Delivered but Not Responded" so that Delivered andResponded are now mutually exclusive. The same is true for Failed and Responded for the situations where a user has devices that fail, but still responds via call-in or the web UI. This change aligns the terminology used in the Tracking Report and the Report Card.

Excel Export for Drill Through

The drill-through view for both Tracking and the Report Card (which are so pretty to look at) now support exporting to Excel data. The export was designed to cleanly handle very large data sets and the format provides a record-per-user view with all of the device-level delivery status updates. The format is very easy to read and lends itself to cool Excel trickery. The first screenshot below shows the new button on the drill-through screen, while the second shows the results in Excel:


Excel Export.png

Report Card

The Report Card is also not a new report for this release, but we have extended its access to include our legacy Advanced Message/Scenarios so you can leverage its accounting view from more communication plans. The report card's status is drivine by a Company Constant called "REPORT_CARD_PASS_PERCENT" which will determine if the event shows as a Pass or a Fail based on delivery statistics:


Our cool new Log report puts the old Exhaustive Report to shame. Improved navigation, huge scalability and new search tools will make the Log Report your new best friend. Given that, we are removing the Exhaustive Report, so say goodbye to those lovely pastel colors. Here are some new enhancements we are rolling out to the Log Report with this release:

Scroll & Load

My favorite new feature updates the Log Report to use a revised scrolling system. There now is a single scrollbar for the report which leverages lazy loading techniques to allow you to easily navigate to exactly where you want to be in the report.

Recipient Searching

The Log Report now has a recipient-based search feature to help answer pesky but common questions like, "Why did user X get notified?", and "Why didn't user Y get notified?" (see screenshot below for Event Log Parent Navigation). The search pairs really well with the scroll and load enhancement because the report can now dynamically jump to anywhere in the report results without any concern for where the match is in the data set.

Log Parent Navigation

The search results also allow you to navigate to the related log message that caused the current log message to be generated. The "Parent Recipient" link makes it easy to identify why a user was notified by navigating "up" to the team or group the user is a member of. You can see a blue arrow to the right of the searched messages which provides the Parent Recipient jump:


As previously stated, the Tracking report replaces all of the recipient-level visibility that the Event Summary provided. But there is one little Easter Egg hidden in the Event Summary that isn't about recipient-level visibility: it is a See All link that shows you all of the properties and predicates that went into creating the event. Instead of having that hidden somewhere in another report, we have created the all-new Properties Report which not only shows all of the event-level information, but it also has a Replay Event link that allows a developer to send the same message through again. The Replay Event link is great for developers creating an integration who want to refine their message formats because they don't have to trigger the integration every time they make a change.


Learn More

These are the main new features in this release, but please check out the full release notes for all of the details on these features as well as a few others. We hope you enjoy the new release!


Until the next update,

The xMatters Team



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