How do I retrieve the xMatters WSDL when fronting with an Apache HTTP server?

My xMatters deployment is fronted with an Apache HTTP server; when I try to retrieve the xMatters web services WSDL, I receive an error or an incorrect WSDL. How do I retrieve the correct version?

This issue occurs because the port addresses within the WSDL file are set to the AlarmPoint URL, rather than the Apache HTTP server. The following instructions provide a work-around, and will enable you to retrieve the correct WSDL. 

To retrieve the xMatters WSDL from an Apache HTTP server deployment:

  1. On the xMatters server, navigate to the <xMHOME>/webserver/webapps/axis2/WEB-INF/services folder.
  2. Open the AlarmPointWebService.aar file in an archive editor.
  3. Within the archive, open the META-INF/AlarmPointWebService.wsdl file in a text editor.
  4. Within the WSDL file, locate the wsdl:service section.
  5. For each port listed within the wsdl:service section, replace the address with the correct URL.
  6. Save and close the AlarmPointWebService.wsdl file.
  7. Save and close the AlarmPointWebService.aar archive.
  8. Restart the xMatters Webserver.

You should now be able to request the WSDL.

Note: When requesting the WSDL, use .../AlarmPointWebService.wsdl, not .../AlarmPointWebService?wsdl

xMatters reference:

JDN-1122: originally created by Don Clark

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