How do I set the web continuation timeout?

How do I set the web continuation timeout for the xMatters web server (or, how do I change the length of time xMatters keeps data related to a sequence of web pages)?

Note: This article applies to on-premise deployments only.

There are two types of web timeout settings for the web server. The first is the web session timeout, or how long an HTTP Session is kept by the system without any page requests being received. This is configured using the tag in the web.xml file. The second is how long xMatters keeps the data related to a sequence of web pages, referred to as a "web continuation", which is controlled by the tag in the cocoon.xconf file.

To change the timeout of web continuations:

  1. Edit the xMHOME/webserver/webapps/cocoon/WEB-INF/properties/ file.
  2. Locate the following lines:
continuations-manager.time-to-live = 3600000  
continuations-manager.expirations-check.offset = 180000  
continuations-manager.expirations-check.period = 180000  
  1. Change the continuations-manager.time-to-live property from the default value of 5 minutes to the number of milliseconds you want web continuations to be kept in memory in the absence of activity. (1 hour * 60 minutes per hour * 60 seconds per minute * 1000 milliseconds per second = 3600000)
  2. You may also want to change the values of the continuations-manager.expirations-check.offset and continuations-manager.expirations-check.period properties, located within the expirations-check tag. These control when the web server begins to check for expired web continuations, and how often it should perform the check.
  3. Restart the web server.

Note that a higher time-to-live value for web continuations causes your web server to use more resources. Caution should be used in setting time-to-live values larger than 5400000.


Any changes to either the web.xml or the files will be lost the next time you upgrade xMatters to a newer version. Make sure you keep a backup copy of the files available so you can apply your custom changes to these files when upgrading.

xMatters Reference

JDN-1032 Originally created by Don Clark

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