4.1 Patch 10 and 4.0 Patch 18 New Feature Overview (11/2/2012)

We’re excited to announce our latest software patch release, which will be available this week. The patch provides bug fixes to both 4.0 and 4.1 (see the details here xMatters 4.0 patch 018 Release Notes and xMatters 4.1 patch 010 Release Notes) and adds some cool new features to 4.1 that are outlined below:

 Coverage Rotation

We would like to introduce what is likely the biggest and best feature we've ever provided in a patch: Coverage Rotations. Existing rotation options for Teams are time- or event-based. The timed Rotation Teams will rotate at a defined time interval regardless whether there is a coverage on any given day. This makes it impossible to create a rotation such as a Team that works shifts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and that rotates once a week or once a day. That's where Coverage Rotations come in and flex their muscles. 

First, consider the sample Group described above, which looks like this in the UI: 

New settings on the Team Details page allow you to achieve the desired behavior of weekly rotation: 

The Team Type setting now includes a new option called Coverage Rotation. When selected, Coverage Rotation prompts you to select a Coverage to tie to the Team's rotation, which can be any one of the Group's Coverages (here the selected Coverage is Mon, Wed, Fri, which can also be seen in the first screenshot above). 

You can then choose the Rotation Direction, Rotation Interval (for our example where an on-call is primary for a week, that means 3 shifts), and a Next Rotation Date (which is set to next Monday because we would like the Team members to rotate next Monday). With these settings, we now have a primary on-call working Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week, and then a new primary on-call for the same days in the following week. If you instead wanted people to rotate daily, you would set the Rotation Interval to 1 shift - easy

Insanely cool work by our Engineering elves!

 Quota Page

Our multi-tenant-enabled clients have access to a nice overview of how any given tenant is tracking against their license quotas. But why should they be the only ones who can see this valuable information? Now we have a quotas page available to Company Administrators and/or Super Administrators that shows how you are tracking against your subscribed licensing: 

Add Current User to Recently Used List

By popular demand, the currently logged-in web user is now added to the Recently Used lists in our messaging and Group maintenance screens when you use yourself in your processes: 

By the way: are you folks setting up scheduled messages to call you so that you have an excuse to get out of meetings? We'll never know - it can be your little secret - but the software now helps you do whatever it is you're doing... 

Learn More

These are the main new features in this release, but please check out the full release notes for all of the details on these features as well as a few others. We hope you enjoy the new release! 

Until the next update,

The xMatters Team


xMatters Reference

JDN-2919 Originally created by Doug Peete

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