xMatters SMS Reference Guide

At xMatters, we realize that our customers use our services to handle critical notifications, and understand the concerns that customers have with SMS carriers and providers. We know that every carrier and country handles SMS messages differently, and we strive to implement the best SMS solution for our clients based on individual need, location, and expectation. 

The xMatters SMS Reference Guide v2.0 (attached below) is intended to provide our clients with guidance and best practices for all SMS-related questions and concerns. While the information within this document is current as of the publication date, it is subject to change. 

SMS Country Codes

If you want to know the numbers we use for sending SMS messages, refer to this article.

SMS Alternatives

Due to the somewhat unreliable nature of the global SMS delivery network, xMatters strongly recommends that clients always leverage SMS in conjunction with another notification channel such as email, voice, or push notifications (the xMatters mobile app), and to not place sole reliance upon SMS delivery for critical notifications.

The xMatters Mobile Client, which implements 'push notifications', is a preferred alternative to SMS, and is available for Android and iOS devices. For more information, see Mobile Clients vs SMS - Why SMS STINKS.


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