Troubleshooting 5.0 installation issues

This article explains some common tips or problems encountered during installation of xMatters 5.0. Note that this article may be updated as more items are identified or provided.

Verbose Output

You can use a "verbose output" option with the xMatters 5.0 installer to generate more information during the installer process. This will help xMatters Support and customer enablement representatives by provided more details about any issues.

If you experience any sort of trouble during the installation of xMatters 5.0, revert to a pre-installed state.

Once you have finished reverting, try the installation with a verbose output. This is enabled by setting the trace parameter when issuing the command to run the installer; for example:

> java -DTRACE=true -jar xmatters-version.jar > installer-output.log

When you run the installer with trace parameter enabled, the console will have a more detailed output that is piped to the installer-ouptut.log file. This is helpful for debugging purposes.

You will also notice that the installer dialog box includes a set of variables used by the installer. Please do not modify these; they are intended for information gathering only:

Once the installation completes, you will have the following files, which can be used for troubleshooting:


Further information

xMatters internal reference: DTN-3011, DTN-3010, XFO-3052, SUP-6260, SUP-6275

Re-installing on Windows machines

The Phone Device Engine on Windows deployments require some third-party software, including SAPI and CTADE, that are installed as part of the xMatters installation process. If these programs are already installed on the machine, attempting to reinstall them will cause their installation procedures to fail, but will not provide any information or feedback about the failure to the xMatters installer. To avoid this issue, ensure that the Windows machine does not have any existing versions of SAPI or CTADE installed on it.

Check that the following programs are not installed on your system before attempting to create a new installation of xMatters 5.0:

  • xMatters Phone Engine Runtime Library Installation
  • Syntellect CT ADE 11.0
  • Sentinel Protection Installer 7.3.2
  • SAPI 5.1 English

If these programs/files exist, you must manually remove them (using the Windows Uninstall Programs tool) before running the xMatters installer.

Note that uninstalling Syntellect CT ADE will ask you if you want to keep the configuration files. You should select NO. If you select YES, you will need to manually remove the following files from your system:

  • ctade*
  • adx*
  • simphone*

If you need to keep the configuration information stored within these files, you should copy them to a separate location before attempting to install xMatters 5.0. They can be restored once xMatters has been installed.

(Note that this item does not affect patches to existing deployments, only new installations.)

Further information

xMatters internal reference: DTN-3153, SUP-6814

JDN-3243: Originally created by Don Clark

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