Tips for searching for articles from the old xMatters Community here

Want to find a specific document that used to be in jive (i.e., the old xMatters Community)? Here are a few tips on finding those docs on the new sites:

Just search

If you have or recall the old article title, search that first.

  • For example, search for "xMatters SMS Reference Guide" and it pops right up to the top. With the improved search-ability of the new site, this method should help you find the right document 90%+ of the time.

Old Community reference number hackery

If you don't remember the article title but have a DOC number (part of the URL that appeared in the old Community for an article), you're in luck: references for these have been included on the bottom of each page.

If you know the old DOC number, search JDN-XXXX where XXXX is the document number. The example in the screenshot below uses JDN-4765:


Still stuck?

If you're still unable to find what you need, contact Technical Support.


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    Mark Keisling

    Thanks for moving all of these over Cameron!

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    Cameron Stewart

    Thanks - I'm a great guy; just ask me.

    I'm currently in a time zone far, far away from anyone in North America, but if you need anything send me a note.

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