Preventing larger emails from being truncated

Some larger emails may be truncated upon delivery, causing formatting issues and the loss of information. This article provides a work-around.

Issue Summary

Customers creating large emails may experience content being truncated, causing format issues and loss of information. The length of Message body and HtmlMessage body script variables is limited by the limitations of the database varchar.


Generate the Message/HTMLMessage body script variables as arrays, limiting the size of content contained in the individual fields of the array.

For example, the following is an illustration of how you could break up the style, content, and response information required for an eamil notification into three separate variables, and add them to the HTMLMessage individually:

$styleinfo = "....  
$content.htmlmessage = $styleinfo  
$contentinfo = "...  
$content.htmlmessage::add( $contentinfo )  
$responseinfo = "...  
$content.htmlmessage::add( $responseinfo 

Each of the message array variables must be less than 4000 characters; they are reassembled when the notification is generated by the Device Engine, allowing for larger emails.

You could also include multiple content variables: 

$styleinfo = "...."  
$content.htmlmessage = $styleinfo  
$contentinfoa = "..."  
$contentinfob = "..."  
$contentinfoc = "..."  
$content.htmlmessage::add( $contentinfoa )  
$content.htmlmessage::add( $contentinfob )  
$content.htmlmessage::add( $contentinfoc )  
$responseinfo = "..."  
$content.htmlmessage::add( $responseinfo )  

Again, ensure that each of the $contentinfo variables is less than 4000 characters.

Further information

This issue relates to another article: How do I format HTML emails in xMatters?

xMatters Reference

DTN-2101, DTN-2677, SUP-3513, SUP-5312, JDN-1294

Originally created by Don Clark

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