How do I avoid false "MACHINE_DETECT" results in my voice scripts?

My Dialogic-equipped deployment occasionally suffers from noisy phone lines, which can cause false "MACHINE_DETECT" connection results. Is there a way to prompt a recipient to indicate whether they are a real person before xMatters leaves the voicemail?

If your deployment seems to be returning false "MACHINE_DETECT" connection results, and modifying the machine detection settings on the Voice (Phone) Device Engine details page (as described in the "Phone Device Engine" section of the xMatters (alarmpoint) installation and administration guide) does not address the issue, you can modify the CONTACT - callout scripts to prompt the person answering the phone to indicate that they are a real person.

For example, the following script snippet illustrates how to prompt the recipient to press "1", followed by the # key. If the keys are not pressed, xMatters leaves the voicemail as usual:

ELSE-IF ( $result == "MACHINE_DETECT" )  
 $connected = true  
 @phone::play("phrase", "press 1 and the #")  
 $live = @phone::getDigits(1,2)  
 $islive = $live::length()  
   IF ( $islive == 0 )  
     $voiceMail = true  
     # $failureType = $result  
     @recipient::report("Reached Voicemail.",$liveNotificationId)  
     $connectionEventMessage.message = "Callout to " & $targetName & " unsuccessful (" & $result & ")."  
     @recipient::report("Reached a Person.",$liveNotificationId)  
     $connectionEventMessage.message = "Callout to " & $targetName & " successful (" & $result & ")."  

xMatters Reference

JDN-1091 Originally created by Don Clark

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