5.0.10 (5.0 Patch 10) New Feature Overview (8/29/2013)

We’re excited to announce our latest patch release for 5.0. The patch provides the usual collection of bug fixes (for details, see xMatters 5.0 patch 010 Release Notes) as well as a number of usability enhancements and a new reporting feature.

Sticky Settings

A common request for our product has been to allow end users to define their preferences for things like report settings and search filters. We liked the idea, but felt it was a little old school to have a preferences page to manage these settings... so we created what we call "sticky settings". Sticky settings will automatically remember search filtersfor text and date, as well as sort order throughout your login session. Sticky settings will also remember your settingsfor Users I Supervise, Groups I Supervise, Select from Archive, Include, Completed Events, Include System Events and Always Show Timestamps across your login sessions, so these settings won't change until you change them. It isn't quite psychic, but at the rate we are going I have fears we are creating Skynet! Sarah Connor?

User and Group Performance Report

Our User and Group Performance reports are a key tool for improving your communication processes. Our 5.0.9 release added some great new scroll and load controls to make it even easier to run reports that can immediately identify which communication process should be evaluated for improvement. However we might have been a bit too aggressive in the pre-defined time ranges available for the reports, so we increased the ranges to more reasonable in length starting with the past 24 hours. Our apologies to those of you out there trying to monitor a person's average response time over the last 15 minutes, but we are glad we don't work for you!

Users and Groups I Supervise

Back by popular demand: the Users I Supervise and Groups I Supervise settings that moved inside of a dropdown in patch 5.0.9 are moving back to the top of the Users page and Groups page (respectively). You spoke and we listened... thank you for the feedback!

Attachments Report

Scenarios have supported sending attachments for years, but if you weren't a recipient of an email you couldn't see the attachment unless you opened the original Scenario. Our new Attachments Report will automatically provide a new tab to any Event that had attachments, allowing operations center staff to easily view the attachments that were part of the communication.

Team Escalation Type Now In Web Services

Our UI got a bit out ahead of our web services over the last few years. In this patch we play catch up by adding "Escalation Type" to our web services so you can now programmatically specify if a recipient is a "Manager" or a "Peer".

SUCP Provider Settings

There sure are a lot of ways to request a service provider send a text message... GSM, SMTP, SMPP, SNPP, LMNOP (okay, I made that one up) and SUCP (Serial UCP). One of the service providers used by some of our clients requires some special handling of country exit codes. Not the most exciting thing to look at, but this new setting is absolutely magical at enabling high performance SMS traffic to your users!


Learn More

These are the main new features in this release, but please check out the documentation for all of the details on these features as well as a few others. We hope you enjoy the new release!

Until the next update,

The xMatters Team

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