xMatters 5.x Product Suite

xMatters 5.x rides off into the sunset

xMatters 5.x has had a great run with hundreds of installations across the world. However, the technology landscape has significantly changed in the 5+ years since we first released 5.x, including the big shift to cloud computing.

To support this technology shift, we released our xMatters On-Demand service back in 2011. But we didn't just directly migrate our on-premises software to the cloud - instead, we used the opportunity to re-imagine approaches to solving IT problems. We also made the service extensible to cover other enterprise areas including crisis communications, business resilience, business operations, proactive customer communications, and IoT/M2M.

A clear path to the cloud

Until November 1, 2017, we'll keep both the on-premises and On-Demand product lines running to support customers transitioning to the xMatters On-Demand offering.

We strongly recommend that all xMatters 5.x customers transition to On-Demand as soon as they can – it's where all of the innovation is happening with new integration tools, mobile apps, and hundreds of usability enhancements.

Support withdrawal date

Support for xMatters 5.x will be withdrawn on November 1, 2017

Any valid contracts (if different) will be honored through the contract date; for details, refer to the Supported Product Matrix.

Installer information

Only one installer is required for Windows or Linux.

New clients can download the latest 5.x installer for their install and there will be no need to install patches. Existing clients can download the latest installer and use it to update any of their nodes to the latest patch level.

This installer DOES NOT SUPPORT upgrading from an existing xMatters 4.0 or 4.1 installation.

You must use our 4.1 migration tool (download link provided below) to migrate your system and configuration data to a newly installed 5.x database. Please plan your migration carefully; it is not a simple upgrade-in-place proposition. Full details of the upgrade process and instructions for using the migration tool are provided in the Installation and Administration Guide.

Operating Systems Supported:

CentOS 5.x, 6.x - 32bit

CentOS 5.x, 6.x - 64bit

Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5.x, 6.x - 32bit

Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5.x, 6.x- 64bit

Windows 2008 R2 - 64bit

Windows Server 2012 R2 - 64bit

Databases Supported:

Oracle 11g Release 2 (Standard or Enterprise)

Oracle 11g Release 2 RAC

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Integration Agent Support:

xMatters 5.0 and 5.1 should use our latest 5.1 integration agent


xMatters 5.x uses a new license key. Please contact our Client Assistance team to request a new key.

Installer files

Before installing xMatters or patching your existing deployment, ensure that you have downloaded and are running the correct installer file.

The product package includes the following installer files:


For use on:

  • All Linux systems
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 systems that require PSTN/Dialogic support

Note that this installer file also requires a 32-bit JRE.

xmatters-installer-x64-5.1.13 For use only on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 systems that are using a 64-bit JRE, and which will not require PSTN/Dialog support.

Download Resources:

xMatters 5.x Documentation xMatters 5.x Documentation 
xMatters 5.1 patch 013 Release Information

xMatters 5.1 patch 013 Release Notes

xMatters version 5.1 patch 013

Product Package - Linux and Windows

(32-bit version tested on both 32-bit and 64-bit Red Hat 6.4)

Download (1.6 GB)

Checksum: f9fede5de7529f2d964fcb49706e3a0b

xMatters utilities - Data Sync & IDE

Download (80 MB)

Checksum: 292aad142bde7373c9e5d163ec63fbf0

xMatters Data Migrator version 2.19

Supports migration from 4.1 Patch 23 to 5.1 (up to 5.1 Patch 9)

xMatters 4.1 customers should migrate to 5.1.9 first before updating to newer versions of xMatters 5.1

Download (20 MB)

Checksum: 5d6bffa4cead2fce9db3e7f5be185fbc



Installer Download (1.6GB) Checksum: 390a4c268f85c40d1d94b2794e1ff829

Utilities Download (80MB) Checksum: aa31d840b07051721943549fd092259e

xMatters 5.1 patch 012 Release Notes 


Installer Download (1.6GB) Checksum: e16b11c708a0e17172c0c18a87a9e9bc

Utilities Download (80MB) Checksum: 61b427092c41e0778b26e416bb7ba144

xMatters 5.1 patch 011 Release Notes 


Installer Download (1.6GB) Checksum: bffadb0d760fd9387b5a58403c5791b7

Utilities Download (80MB) Checksum: f2bb32b4410a29f78ab91dc2dff48464

xMatters 5.1 patch 010 Release Notes 


Installer Download (1.6GB) Checksum: 4ba127560644262c533ee35872d1143c

Utilities Download (80MB) Checksum: 23ed0c18731472a723b877f785a9e5f2

xMatters 5.1 patch 009 Release Notes 


Installer Download (1.6GB) Checksum: c08ac10546faefd8df9654a1ef3dcbb0

Utilities Download (80MB) Checksum: 7d828a249da962c5f2604635d46bc500

xMatters 5.1 patch 008 Release Notes


Installer Download (1.7GB) Checksum: f80a09dd506272755c5a1ecd8e083e64

Utilities Download (80MB) Checksum: 7aa4bc6326758b0b49cdb6826b4a4b06

xMatters 5.1 patch 007 Release Notes


Installer Download (1.7GB) Checksum: da75b382d5d05559e078270cda3bfdaa

Utilities Download (80MB) Checksum: 3a44d1e372e6c812f6638c8f935c1e04

xMatters 5.1 patch 006 release notes


Installer Download (1.7GB) Checksum: eb92801e426763e8e8b3518c8b016ffa

Utilities Download (128MB) Checksum: 7ef4bef82b93f791e75f5b1ce460883d

xMatters 5.1 patch 005 Release Notes


Installer Download (1.7GB) Checksum: bcdc20553f069306a51f692380c8b414

Utilities Download (128MB) Checksum: d6f3c85beabad72dda8e186900be22f8

xMatters 5.1 patch 004 release notes


Installer Download (1.6GB) Checksum: a92c3eb8dbee9553df64a024b9795840

Utilities Download (122MB) Checksum: 4af4b2e9649b30b3d1da8109a5f4d7e1

xMatters 5.1 patch 003 Release Notes


Installer Download (1.5GB) Checksum: 0da142af3fef086ce1078f0502000a0f

Utilities Download (111MB) Checksum: f5d0b9381a2d3b751ce5fbdc85951f92

xMatters 5.1 patch 002 Release Notes


Installer Download (1.5 GB) Checksum: 413eabf90362a131e060fc929a721464

Utilities Download (111 MB) Checksum: ef4eaf5a0affa7a4b017cd4019409aea

xMatters 5.1 patch 001 Release Notes


Installer Download (1.5 GB) Checksum: 19d32a66af59a92baff749f57e6e5fc6

Utilities Download (111 MB) Checksum: 5ff94a07e17a6a0610191bc1166d2251

xMatters 5.1 Release Notes


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