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Certified Integrations

To simplify connecting xMatters with your business systems, we provide xMatters Certified integrations and Community integrations. xMatters fully validates xMatters Certified integrations and provides the support required to install and configure xMatters and third-party integration components.

xMatters Integrations

These integrations may require the xMatters Integration Agent to be installed.

Integration Agent for xMatters 5.x & xMatters on demand

Single Sign On Integrations

xMatters offers a SAML 2.0 compliant Single Sign On service. For an up to date list of the Identify Providers (IdP's) we work with, please look here.

SAML Providers

Community Integrations

We recognize that you may require integrations beyond what xMatters directly provides - that's why we offer xMatters Community integrations developed by Community members for additional third-party systems. This category also includes older, unsupported integrations and examples of how to leverage various libraries, third party services or utilities. If you have any issues, questions or comments, post them as a discussion


Partner Product
BMC Atrium Orchestrator
BMC Impact Manager
BMC Service Desk Express
BMC Performance Manager Portal
BMC Remedy AR System Incident Mgmt
HP Operations Manager for Unix
IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console
Microsoft Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)
NetIQ AppManager
Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Manager (NPM) 


Utilities and Examples 
Notifications2CSV  Example extraction of notification data from the xMatters On-Demand system.


If you're using a Community integration and find that the Community is unable to assist you in resolving any issues, you can still contact the xMatters Client Assistance team for help.


xMatters always supports the Integration Agent and its communication with the xMatters server. The Client Assistance team will answer questions and attempt to troubleshoot and isolate the issue.


However, if the issue scope goes beyond core functionality of the Integration Agent and its communication with xMatters, you may be directed to xMatters Consulting for fee-based assistance.


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