How do I change the delimiter used in the recipients list for the AddEvent web service request?

I am using the AddEvent web service to inject an event into my system, but a recipient's target name includes a comma. Is there a way to change the default delimiter used by the recipients token?

The default delimiter for items in the recipients list is a comma. If you have target names that include commas, xMatters will divide the names into separate list items.

You can change the delimiter used by the list by passing in another delimiter as the value for a "recipients-list-item-delimiter" event token.

For example, to use a semi-colon as the delimiter for items in the recipients list, you would include the following in the event tokens list:


Note that in older versions of xMatters, the "recipients" token is named "person_or_group_id". You can use the same method described above to change the delimiter, but the name of the token you need to pass in is "person_or_group_id-list-item-delimiter".

xMatters Reference

JDN-1093 Originally created by Don Clark

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