IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager 7.1 - 7.2 Integration 2.1.1

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With the xMatters integration, the appropriate technician can be  notified directly via voice, email, pager, BlackBerry, or other device.  Information about the failure will be presented to the event resolver  and decisions can be made in real-time.

Once a response is selected on the recipient’s remote device,  xMatters will update the Tivoli SRM incident in real- time. The benefit is that this process is immediate – significantly faster than the time required for staff to notice the failures or malfunctions, determine who is on call, and manually notify the right person. In addition, the ability to take simple actions on the event from any device gives the event resolver a quick way to deal with many issues and communicate to other team members the current state of the event.

During the process, every notification, response, and action is logged in xMatters. In addition, xMatters automatically annotates the  original Tivoli SRM incident with status information.

The xMatters product features a self-service web user interface  to allow accurate assignment of responsible personnel for each job.  xMatters also includes an optional enhanced Subscription panel that  allows both managed and self- subscription to Tivoli SRM events. This  Subscription panel queries the Tivoli SRM Server directly in real time  to retrieve lists of important settings and criteria, removing the need  to create and maintain these lists.


The following components must be installed prior to installing the integration:

  • xMatters (alarmpoint) engine 4.1 (patch 003 or later)
  • xMatters integration agent 4.1 (patch 001 or later)
  • xMatters Developer IDE
  • IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager 7.1 or 7.2 

Download Resources 

IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager Integration Package (Includes Documentation Manual) - Windows

Download (3.0 MB)

IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager Integration Package (Includes Documentation Manual) - Unix


(2.9 MB)

Release History 




Product OS







Tivoli Service Request Manager

7.1, 7.2 Windows, Unix 2.1.1 2011-04-08 4.1 xMatters

Tivoli Service Request Manager

6.2.1 Windows, Unix 1.0.2 2009-07-31 3.2.1 Community

Download IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager Integration 2.1.1 Documentation Manual below.

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