xMatters for BMC BPPM: BPPM fails to receive updates from xMatters

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Issue Summary

On some deployments using the xMatters (IT) for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management integration, BPPM may fail to receive updates from xMatters even if the integration is configured correctly.

Issue Details

A likely cause of this issue is that the BPPM cell associated with the II Web Services (IIWS) is failing to propagate the information to the cell associated with the main BPPM instance. This failure is due to the IIWS server being incompletely configured.

Issue Resolution

To resolve this issue, configure the BPPM cell associated with the IIWS to propagate updates to the main BPPM server.

The IIWS web services run on a separate BPPM cell, and the mcell.dir file used by IIWS must contain a reference to the BPPM cell. Specifically, the mcell.dir file for IIWS must contain a line similar to the following:

<type> <name> <encryptionKey> <ipAddress:port>  

For example:

cell pncell_loc-nw-bppm85val mc loc-nw-bppm85val:1828  

This will configure the server to propagate updates onto the BPPM cell. The mcell.dir file is found in <IIWSHOME>/Tomcat/webapps/imws/WEB-INF/etc

Further information

For more information, see the BMC documentation, specifically the "Configure BMC II Web Services to send events and queries and to subscribe to events" section in ProactiveNet Web Services Getting Started v8.5.

xMatters Reference

SUP-6447, DTN-3070, JDN-4064

Originally created by Don Clark

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