Can I reconfigure the validation message sent to numeric pagers to include the validation code?

Currently, xMatters sends a "dummy" phone number, 555-1212, to numeric pagers as a validation message. The user must then call in to retrieve their validation code; is there a way to configure xMatters to send the validation code directly to the pager?

You can use the Developer IDE to modify the Device validation scripts and replace the dummy phone number with the variable containing the Device validation code.

To send a validation code directly to a numeric pager Device:

  1. Open your scripts in the xMatters Developer IDE.
  2. Expand the PRESENTATION script in the devicevalidation script package, and then double-clickspecific.
  3. Locate the following section:
ELSE-IF ($content.deviceclassification == "numeric_pager")  
 #This is the number that will be provided on the User's Device.  
 $content.message = "555-1212"
  1. Replace "555-1212" with $event.validationCode, so the last line of code resembles the following:
$content.message = $event.validationCode
  1. Save and validate your changes, and then check-in your scripts.
  2. The Device validation code should now appear on all numeric pager Devices when they are validated. 

xMatters Reference

DTN-1786, JDN-1057

Originally created by Don Clark

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