How can I allow Notification Servers in different countries to route internal numbers through my PBX?

I have two Notification Nodes with different Country Codes for their Phone Classes, and xMatters attempts to route numbers externally, even though my PBX needs to route them internally. How do I route internal numbers through my PBX?

Typically, xMatters uses Phone Class exceptions matching on area code and country to decide how to route calls. This works well when you are using xMatters to make calls to external numbers, and usually works well with internal numbers. A problem arises, however, when you have two notification Voice Device Engines, each running on Nodes in different countries.

In xMatters, Phone Class Exceptions for area codes are not used if the Country Codes do not match. As a work-around, you can create a new Country Code in the database and assign the Country Code to Users' Devices, forcing xMatters to use the Phone Class Exception.

The process for adding a Country Code to the database depends on which database you have deployed with xMatters. The following figure illustrates a new "Internal" Country Code added to the Countries table in an SQL Server deployment:

After you have created the new Country Code, you can configure xMatters to use it. The first step is to create a new Phone Class Exception, as illustrated by the following figure:

All internal Voice Devices that need to use the Phone Class Exception can now be assigned to the internal Country Code, as illustrated by the following figure:

xMatters will now use the internal Country code on the Phone Class exception, and matching occurs as intended.

NOTE: For complete instructions on modifying Phone Class Exception and Voice Device Details, see the xMatters installation and administration guide.

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