BMC Atrium Orchestrator 7.6.2 Community Integration


This integration is no longer supported because the management product is no longer supported by the vendor, and/or the version of xMatters used for the integration is no longer supported. The integration is available here for use and modification by the customer.


Does your organization use BMC Atrium Orchestrator for Runbook Automation? Do you have any runbook automation processes that require manual input for actions such as a server restart, server shutdown, instantiation of a new virtual machine, etc?  If you said yes to both, then you need the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Community Integration!

This integration was developed by xMatters and BMC presales engineers as a proof-of-concept for a large Atrium Orchestrator user.  This user executes many Atrium Orchestrator workflows a day, some of which contain workflow steps that require end-user response.  Their requirement was to be able to get an engineer to take action on manual workflow process step as quickly as possible.  With xMatters two-way notification capabilities, the appropriate engineer can be notified of the  workflow process requiring manual action and then take action accordingly from any supported xMatters communication device.  Imagine an engineer restarting a server by pressing 1 on his touchtone keypad!  Well, imagine no more!

Below is a data flow diagram of the Atrium Orchestrator integration:

Downloading the Integration - download link is below

Installing the Integration 

  • Integration Components
    1. xMatters BMC Atrium Orchestrator Integration
      • xMatters action scripts - xmatters-ao-integration.aps is located <root>\xMatters-BAO-Integration-Windows-1.0\components\xMatters.
      • The bao event domain template - bao-event-domain.xml is located in <root>\xMatters-BAO-Integration-Windows-1.0\components\xMatters.
      • xMatters integration agent files - located in <root>\xMatters-BAO-Integration-Windows-1.0\components\IntegrationAgent.
    2. BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflow module - xMatters_Integration.1.0.12.roar located in <root>\xMatters-BAO-Integration-Windows-1.0\components\BAO.
    3. xMatters AO Integration Overview and Architecture Presentation - xMatters AO Integration.pptlocated in <root>\xMatters-BAO-Integration-Windows-1.0\documentation
  • BMC Atrium Orchestrator
    • Import 'xMatters_Integration.1.0.12.roar' into the AO Development Studio - this imports the workflow module
    • Optional - make any changes to the workflow to fit with your AO integration use case
    • Export the xMatters module to the repository.
    • Go to the AO Grid Manager to activate the xMatters module.  Should appear as 
  • xMatters
    • Integration Agent
      • Copy the xMatters-BAO-Integration-Windows-1.0\IntegrationAgent\integrationservices\bao directory from the to the <integration-agent-root>\integrationservices directory.
      • Open the IAConfig.xml file located in the <integration-agent-root>\conf directory and add the following xml tags in bold inside the service-configs tags

  <service-configs dir="../integrationservices">




      • Restart the integration agent and run the iadmin utility to make sure that the bao service starts up properly.
    • xMatters
      • Import and upload the bao script package xmatters-ao-integration.aps using the Developer ID
      • Create a new bao event domain and import the bao-event-domain.xml file to populate the new event domain with predicates.  Associate the bao script package with the domain.

Please post any feedback or questions regarding the integration directly on this page.

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Atrium Orchestrator 7.6.2 Windows N/A 2012-04-20   Community

xMatters Reference

JDN-2892 Originally created by Raj Bhowmick 



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