RIP AlarmPoint 4.1 (6/30/2014)

RIP AlarmPoint 4.1 

Folks, it is has been a good long 4+ years of AlarmPoint 4.1 support, but our mad scientists have created newer and better monsters in our labs with xMatters 5.0 and 5.1. With these newer releases we are now two releases beyond 4.1 (and then some) and as such today is our official date for withdrawing support of the 4.1 product for standard xMatters clients.

As always, our goal is to focus resources on providing clients with the finest possible support, services, products, and integrations.

So, what does this mean for our (beloved) 4.1 clients? First, be assured that our Client Assistance Team will continue to help you as much as possible with 4.1 product issues. And, when you're ready to transition to our newer products, our Client Assistance and Consulting Teams will be there to assist you. What's different after June 30, 2014 is that xMatters will no longer provide hot fixes or quarterly patches for 4.1.

As you plan your migration from 4.1, we strongly encourage you to consider how our cutting edge on demand products might fit your communication needs. That's right: xMatters is available as a state-of-the-art cloud service. And, our xMatters On-Demand offering has some unique tricks, from sweet drag-and-drop development tools to advanced mobile capabilities. We're happy to show you these cool new features - just send us an email at and we'll set you up.

If the cloud just isn't your style yet... xMatters 5.x is here to help. Since its release in January 2012, xMatters 5.0 has continued to grow and improve - we've rolled out many client-requested features in our patches. At the beginning of the year we released a 5.1 update that includes all of the features in the 5.0 patches, as well as updated platform support for Red Hat 6, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.

Thank you 4.1, it was a good run: Your response has been processed, goodbye.

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