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Some customers have requested more information about how xMatters behaves during notifications and callbacks when using the different protocols. For example, when xMatters cannot differentiate between a dropped call and a manual disconnection (i.e., the User hangs up), how does the system behave? This is relevant for a variety of reasons, such as how it is possible to control some callback behavior in scripting, but scripting isn't used with the Voxeo protocol.

The following table indicates when or if an attempted call will be retried (according to the default settings and scripts).

Call ResultReason or Call Progress StateVoxeoSIPDialogic
Not connected No answer Retry Retry Retry
  Line was busy Retry Retry Retry
  Invalid, rejected, or unreachable number No retry Retry Retry
  Unknown or unidentifiable reason Retry Retry Retry
Call connected FAILED_AUTHENTICATION No retry No retry No retry
  LEFT_VOICEMAIL No retry No retry No retry
  USER_HUNG_UP (before authentication) No retry No retry No retry
(User did not respond to voice menus or prompts)
No retry Retry Retry

xMatters Reference

DTN-3165, JDN-3751

Originally created by Don Clark

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