Updating an xMatters 4.1 integration for xMatters 5.x

This article provides an overview of how to use an xMatters 4.1 integration on an xMatters 5.0 deployment. It is not intended as a guide for upgrading an existing integration to xMatters 5.0, but rather to describe the configuration differences when installing a 4.1 integration on a 5.0 system.

Specifying connection information

xMatters 5.x uses an event domain constant, WEBSERVERURL, to track the URL of the xMatters web server.

First, create a new WEBSERVERURL event domain constant and set its value to the IP address or URL of your xMatters web server.

Then use the getProperty method to retrieve the event domain constant's value from within the scripts; for example:

$main.xMattersURL = @event::getProperty("WEBSERVERURL")

Voice mail

The INTERACTION section of the integration's action scripts requires a new script called voiceMailOption; it should contain the following content:

# return a string that represents one of VoiceMailOptions 
$voiceMailOption = "CONTENT"   
$skipGreeting = true   

xMatters logo for HTML notifications

The $main.logo variable should be updated in the INITIAL script to the following value:

$main.logo = $main.xMatters_URL & "/static/images/logos/xmatters_email.gif" 

Enabling SMTP response choices in HTML emails

In xMatters 5.0, the HTML Email Protocol Provider looks for the following token in the HTML content, and replaces it with the SMTP response choices:


You must add this token into the createHTMLDeviceContent; replace the if (EXISTS ($isEmail) ) section as follows:

if (EXISTS ($isEmail) )
 $responseinfo = $responseinfo & "<div id=\u0022eml_response_section\u0022 class=\u0022eml_response_section\u0022>"
 $responseinfo = $responseinfo & "<!--<_XM_POP_RESPONSE_INSTRUCTIONS_REPLACEMENT_TOKEN_>-->"   

Voice files

On 4.1 deployments, the voice files (.vox) included in an integration are installed to:


On 5.0 deployments, you can still use the included voice files, but you must install them to the following location:



  • is the ID number of the Company in xMatters you are integrating with. In single-Company deployments, or the Default Company in multiple-Company deployments, this ID number is 1. (To determine your Company's ID number, see the Company details page in the web user interface.)
  • is the name of the Event Domain created during integration installation.

xMatters Reference

JDN-2985 Originally created by Don Clark

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    Anthony Matthews

    xMattersURL will need to be set to use WEBSERVERURL and the getProperty method.

    $main.xMatters_URL = @event::getProperty("WEBSERVERURL")
    $main.logo = $main.xMatters_URL & "/static/images/logos/xmatters_email.gif"

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    Don Clark

    Thanks, Anthony. I've added that info right into the article.

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