Data Synchronization exception logging issue

Issue Details

A new JVM argument was introduced recently to disable the new mechanism for wiring service objects into production classes. If a part of the application depends on these production classes but does not have access to the full Spring configuration, it will log exception messages similar to the following (and include stack trace information):

Please set system variable DISABLE_CONFIGURABLE


Setting the appropriate JVM argument for use cases where code is executed outside of the complete Spring container will remove these exception messages.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Open the DataSync.conf file, and add the following line before the -classpath declaration:

This will instruct the system to disable functionality that is not available within the Data Synchronizer, and prevent error messages from being logged. This solution will not impair any Data Synchronizer functionality.

xMatters Reference

DTN-2483, PRE-4437, JDN-2254

Originally created by Don Clark

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