Moving an xMatters Node to another computer

Moving an xMatters Node from one machine to another is a fairly straight-forward process, but can be easily mishandled. This article explains the correct process required to move a Node to a different computer.


This article assumes you have two or more Nodes in your deployment, and that the Device Engines and capabilities in the Node that is being replaced can be handled by the new Node. (For example, if you have an Application Node using Voice/SIP functions on a Windows computer, a Unix Node could not support the same functions, and these steps would not work.)

Note that the steps in this article explain how to replace one Application Node with another; the process is the same for replacing Notification Nodes.


This article uses the following scenario as a basis for the detailed steps:

  • AppNodeOne: the main Application Node (Windows 2003 Server)
  • AppNodeTwo: the Node being replaced (Windows 2003 Server)
  • AppNodeThree: the new Node (Linux)


Before moving a Node, ensure that you have the ability to modify database tables, and that you can access and edit both Nodes.

To move the Node:

  1. Log in to the xMatters web user interface as a Super Administrator, and then click Nodes and Device Engines in the Configuration menu.
  2. Select the check box beside AppNodeTwo, and then click Stop Selected.
    • If the main Application Node has any patches installed, shut it down as well.
  3. Once the Node has stopped, click its name in the table to view the Node details.
  4. Change the Node's IP to match the IP of the machine hosting the new Node.
  5. Save your changes and log out.
  6. You can now run the xMatters installer on the new Node; note the following settings:
    • When prompted by the installer, select Use an existing database.
    • When prompted by the installer for database user and schema creation, select Skip this step; items already exist.
    • When prompted by the installer for Database Properties, make sure the IP, Port, xMatters account, and password are the same as your existing settings. If you do not have this information available, you can extract it from your main Application Node. (See the xMatters installation and administration guide for more information.)
    • When prompted by the installer to specify which components to install, select the Install Node Component check box, and then select Use an Existing Node (do NOT select "Create a New Node"), and then select the name of the Node that is being replaced (AppNodeTwo).
  7. After completing the installing, restart the computer; your Node should restart after the computer does.

Further Information

For more information about Nodes, Device Engines, and the web user interface, consult the xMatters installation and administration guide.

xMatters Reference

JDN-1279 Originally created by Don Clark

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