AT&T Natural Voices 1.4.1


AT&T Natural Voices installation files. This is for use with xMatters on Linux. It requires an AT&T enabled xMatters license file. Click the following link for the FAQ on how to install and configure the software:

Click here: How do I use AT&T Natural Voices 

Download Resources:

AT&T Natural Voices Linux Crystal - Linux

Download (219 MB)

checksum: c11e7bc7213d981caaba90f7e018a1a9

AT&T Natural Voices Linux German Klara - Linux

Download (322 MB)

checksum: 519414dea9edfa74c77999d153fac085

AT&T Natural Voices Linux Server SDK - Linux

Download (151 MB)

checksum: 2aa2f79b5b0e018a0a947e5c7173a843

xMatters Reference

JDN-1479 Originally created by Desi DosSantos

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