How do I start an unattended SIP transfer?

The @phone::blindTransfer method transfers the current SIP call to another phone and returns the result of the transfer. This method is available only for SIP implementations in xMatters 4.0.0 patch 003 (and later).


@phone::blindTransfer(String phoneNumber)  


(String) phoneNumber: the target phone number for the transferred call


(String) Result of the transfer. Possible values are:

  • RUN_OUT_OF_PHONE_LINE: No SIP lines are available

  • ERROR: A SIP error was encountered

  • BUSY: Transfer target is busy

  • SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE: Transfer target is not available

  • TIME_OUT: The transfer attempt timed out before it could be completed

  • NOT_IMPLEMENT: The transfer could not be implemented because the protocol is not SIP

  • NO_QUOTE_TO_TRANSFER: No Company quote is available

  • SUCCESS: The transfer was completed successfully


The following example illustrates using the blindTransfer method to forward a call to a target number, and to replay the menu options if the transfer is not successful:

$transferResult = @phone::blindTransfer("2505550304")  
IF ($result != "SUCCESS")  
 @phone::play("Sorry, your call could not be completed")  
 # Go back and replay menu options other than transfer  

xMatters Reference

JDN-1125 Originally created by Don Clark

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