xMatters Not Susceptible to OpenSSL HeartBleed Security Issue (6/6/2014)

Marked as obsolete (ref: https://xmatters.atlassian.net/browse/DOC-10377)

NVD: CVE-2014-0160

Several clients have expressed concern over the recently reported OpenSSL library vulnerability that impacts the security of many web sites and Internet systems. xMatters is not, nor has it been, susceptible to this security issue because we use F5's BIG-IP for SSL processing. You can read F5’s analysis here.

As a precaution, we have tested all service delivery and corporate systems, as well as those of our service providers.  None of the systems tested were found to have been running the affected software.

For more information about this OpenSSL security issue, see the following:

Thank you,

xMatters Cloud Operations Team

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