How do I connect to a named instance on an SQL Server database?

Occasionally, rebooting an SQL Server database causes the port numbers assigned to the xMatters database to be dynamically reassigned. This cause a loss of connection between xMatters and the database. Is there a way to connect to a named instance, rather than a port number?

You can edit the connection information in the properties file to connect to a named instance instead of a port number.

NOTE: The xMatters installer does not allow a named instance to be used. You must first install the database against a port, and then change the database connection based on this article.

To change the database connection credentials:

  1. Navigate to the xMatters installation folder (the default location is C:\Program Files\xMatters\).
  2. In the \common\ subfolder, locate the file.
    • This file is encrypted and must be decrypted before you can edit it.
  3. To decrypt the file, run the following command:
APSecure.bat decrypt common\ common.txt  
  1. Once the file is decrypted, open it in a text editor and locate the following section:
#Mon DEC 15 15:23:10 PDT 2008  
  1. Modify the JDBC_URL line, using the following format for the value:
  • For example,
  1. Save and close the file, and then run the following command to encrypt the file again:
APSecure.bat encrypt common.txt common\  
  1. Restart the Node and the web server.

xMatters Reference

JDN-1101 Originally created by Don Clark

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