Can a User view a "Who's On Duty" report if they are not a Group Supervisor?

I want some Users to be able to view the Who's On Duty Report, but don't want to give them full Group Supervisor permissions. Is there a way to allow a User to access the report without giving them control over Groups or assigning them to a supervisor Role?

The Who's On Duty Report requires that a User have the ability to view any of the Groups and Users that may appear in the report. To permit Users to view the report without giving them the ability to change the Group and User details, you will need to create a new Function and Role, and assign the new Role as a Group Observer.

To create a Who's On Duty Role:

  1. Log into xMatters as a Company Administrator, and click the Admin tab.
  2. In the Permissions menu on the left side of the screen, click Functions.
  3. On the Functions page, click the Add New link.
  4. On the Function Details page, in the Name field, type View Duty Roster, and then click Save.
  5. On the Permissions page, select the following Permissions in the Available Permissions list, and add them to the Selected Permissions for the Role:
  • ability.act.GroupSupervisor
  • view.menuitem.WhosOnDuty
  • view.screen.UserDevices
  • view.screen.profile.DeviceList
  • view.screen.WhosOnDuty
  1. Click Save.
  2. In the Permissions menu, click Roles.
  3. On the Roles page, click the Add New link.
  4. On the Role Details page, in the Name field, type Duty Roster Viewer.
  5. In the Permissions on Other Roles table, select the check box for ALL other Roles in the View Person column.
  6. Click Save.
  7. On the Functions for this Role page, add the View Duty Roster Function to the Role, and then click Save.
  • The new Role is now ready to be assigned to Users that you want to be able to view the Who's On Duty Report.

Note that the new Role must be specified as a Group Observer for all Groups in the system. Alternatively, you could assign the Role as a Group Observer only to those Groups that you want the User to view.

User Experience

When a User who has the View Duty Roster Role logs into xMatters, they will be able to access the Groups tab. Unlike a Group Supervisor, however, the User will not be able to view any other menu options on the Groups tab except for the Who's On Duty Report, which will be the default view. The User will be able to run the Who's On Duty Report, view the Group details within the Report, and view the User Device details from within the Group. The User will not be able to change any of the Group or User details.

For more information about working with Permissions, Functions, and Roles in xMatters, see the xMatters installation and administration guide.

xMatters Reference

DTN-1295, JDN-1041

Originally created by Don Clark

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