BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Integration on Unix (Community Supported)

This is the Community Supported version of the BMC BPPM 1.1.2 Integration.  It should be capable of working with BPPM installed on Linux or other UNIX variants as listed in the table below. In order to implement this integration use the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Integration 1.1.2 Manual but substitute section "2.3.2 Deploying the xMatters command files" with the following:

You will need to download the following files below:

  • xm_send_notification
  • xm_send_fyi_notification
  • xm_delete_notification

These files are shell scripts but are created without the .sh extension so that they will be invoked by the default Knowledge Base configuration files.

These files must be created in a sub-directory of the knowlege base whose exact path depends on the operating system being used. The location will be KB_HOME\bin\OS_DIRECTORY when OS_DIRECTORY takes one of the following values:

Operating SystemOS_DIRECTORY




Linux 12
AIX p4
Solaris s5
HP-UX h1 


  1. The account under which the cell is running must have permission to execute the command files.
  2. The examples that apclient.bin is on the path. If you want to include the full path explicitly the default location of apclient.bin is /opt/alarmpointsystems/integrationagent/bin
  3. After creating these files you must make the executable (e.g. using chmod) 

PLEASE BE ADVISED that this integration is not officially supported by xMatters.

If you have any questions about this integration, please ask the community! 

xMatters Reference

JDN-3154 Originally created by Cheryl Isler

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