Enabling the Western Latin Character Set on the integration agent

This article explains how to configure the integration agent (APClient.bin) to accept Latin-1 or ISO-8859-1 characters on a Windows deployment.

To configure the integration agent:

  1. Stop the integration agent service.
  2. Open the <IAHOME>\conf\mule-config.xml file in a text editor.
  3. Locate the mule-environment-properties parameter and add encoding="ISO-8859-1" to the parameter settings; i.e.: 


<mule-environment-properties serverUrl="">   


 <mule-environment-properties serverUrl="" encoding="ISO-8859-1">  
  1. Save and close the file, and restart the integration agent. 

Once the integration agent is configured, you need to update each BAT file that calls APClient.bin and contains Latin-1 characters to include "chcp 1252" as the first line in the file.

For example:

chcp 1252

APClient.bin --map-data ping bsmith "génial" 

xMatters Reference

DTN-2708, SUP-5357, 5405, SUP-5418, INTA-1893, JDN-2934

Originally created by Don Clark

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