5.0 - It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore! (2/10/2012)

Last week I had hinted at some news on the 5.0 front... and here it is: we are accelerating our development against Windows and SQL Server for new installations. The previous projections had Windows and SQL Server support in July. The new delivery dates are:

  • April 30th for new installation on Windows 2k8R2 against an Oracle database
  • May 31st for new installations on SQL Server

Those deliverables will be for new installations and if we can deliver earlier, we will.

If you haven't seen all the great features in 5.0, check this out: xMatters 5.0 Release Notes.

One other note: if you have noticed that some of our cross document links always scroll to the bottom of the document it is a known issue with our content management system. We are upgrading the system this evening (2/10/12) and the latest upgrade should fix the links so that they link to the top of the page.

- Doug Peete

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