Upgrading existing deployment causes "INVALID_WEB_SERVICES_VERSION" error message

xMatters relevance engine version 4.1 patch 006 introduced changes to several of the xMatters web services. This can result in an INVALID_WEB_SERVICES_VERSION error message on some existing deployments, and to any integration with a data synchronization component.


4.1 patch 006 introduced changes to the following web services:

  • AddDevice
  • FindDevice
  • UpdateDevice
  • FindWhoIsOnDuty

A secondary WSDL was also introduced; for more information about these changes, see the Accessing Web Service topic in the xMatters Online Developer's Guide.


xMatters uses the following criteria to determine which WSDL to call:

  • For any deployment that has text phone Devices that were created in the xMatters system prior to updating to 4.1 patch 006:
http://<xMatters URL>:8888/api/services/AlarmPointWebService?wsdl
  • For any deployment with text phone Devices that were all created after updating to 4.1 patch 006, or any deployment that has been updated to the most recent patch and has no text phones configured:
http://<xMatters URL>:8888/api/services/xmatters-4.1.6?wsdl


If the system attempts to call the wrong WSDL, you will receive the INVALID_WEB_SERVICES_VERSION error message.


This can present a problem for existing integrations because you cannot add a text phone to a User without a country code, as the Country Code setting is a drop-down list that requires a selection; there is no option to select a blank country code.



To resolve this issue:

  1. Add a text phone Device to a user (e.g., Bob Smith) with the default country code.
  2. Log in to the database and locate the text phone Device you just added in the TXT_PHONE_DVC_DTL record.
  3. Update the record by setting the COUNTRY_CODE field to NULL and commit the change.
  4. Restart the xMatters node and the web server.


Note that all web service calls will need to be updated to account for the namespace changes.


xMatters internal reference

DTN-2572 JDN-2006. Originally created by Don Clark

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