Outdated voice files after upgrading to 5.x

Issue Details

Your voice interaction (callin/callout) files may be outdated after upgrading from xMatters 4.1 to 5.x.


Even after upgrading from xMatters 4.1 to 5.x, your voice notifications still play "AlarmPoint" as the company name rather than "xMatters".

Technical Context

xMatters 4.1 used pre-recorded voice interaction files that included the term "AlarmPoint" rather than "xMatters" when sending notifications to voice devices; for example:

  • Callout: "Hello, this is AlarmPoint calling for"
  • Callin: "Hello, this is AlarmPoint"

These files are located in the Company template for both legacy and current products.


Although scripts are updated as part of the patch process, if you've customized your integration, you may not have received the new scripts. The patch procedure does not update any customizations done by the client. This means that even if you are using xMatters 5.x, you may still have legacy 4.1 voice files.



To resolve this issue, perform the following steps (note that the resolution steps for callout and callin scripts are similar but slightly different):


Callout scripts

  1. Locate the callout script within the business scripts at the following location:
  2. Find the legacy script for the callout files (located under "Routine to leave the default greeting"):
    @phone::play("phrase","call-out greeting")
  3. Replace the legacy callout script with the following:
    @phone::play("phrase", "Hello")
    @phone::play("phrase", "thisis")
    @phone::play("phrase", "companyname")
    @phone::play("phrase", "callingfor")


Callin scripts

  1. Locate the callin script within the business scripts in the following location:
  2. Find the legacy script for the callin files (located under "Main"):
    @phone::play("phrase","call-in greeting")
  3. Replace the legacy callin script with the following:
    @phone::play("phrase", "Hello")
    @phone::play("phrase", "thisis")
    @phone::play("phrase", "companyname")


Further information

xMatters internal reference: DTN-3832


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