SAML Providers

Integrating xMatters with SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) provides your users with a single sign-on experience so that they won't need to remember yet another password.  


SAML is an XML-based standard for SSO (single sign-on) between organizations across internet domains. Companies use it to simplify login management processes between organizations.


The xMatters web and mobile applications use the SAML standard because it carries significant advantages. SAML makes domains more secure by reducing the number of required password entries, enables centralized compliance reporting, and builds on your enterprise’s security investments instead of duplicating them.


xMatters has validated our SAML 2.0 integration with the following SAML compliant Identity Providers: 

  • Access Policy Manager (APM)
  • CA SiteMinder
  • Centrify
  • Microsoft ADFS
  • Microsoft LDS
  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Ping Federate
  • Ping One
  • Shibboleth


All the above SAML providers can be used with our iOS, Android & Mobile apps too.

For more information about configuring your xMatters' SAML integration please visit the product documentation.  




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    Rachael Hawkins

    At what frequency do you add / certify with additional providers? Our preferred vendor is not on the list. Can we request testing with the vendor?

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    Doug Peete

    Hi Rachael,
    We support SAML2 bindings and we would be happy to work with your team to try it in your environment. We don't proactively test against providers... so to answer your specific question "we add providers to this list when we bring up a customer on a new provider".

    Who is your provider?

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    Ann Becker

    The list should be updated to include IBM since Kohl's is successfully using IBM's software for our identity provider.

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    Josh Means

    The help documentation does not distinguish between Service Provider versus Identity Provided initiated SSO. Are both or one specifically supported?

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    Tom Kouhsari

    Hi Josh, xMatters supports Identity Provider initiated SSO. You can find more information in the context-sensitive online help here:

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