ManageEngine Service Desk Plus Integration v1.0

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With the xMatters Integration for Service Desk Plus, Help Desk administrators can leverage the scheduling, coverage and rotation power of the xMatters application and deliver notifications to technicians via email, pager, SMS or voice. Information about the incident will be presented to the recipient and decisions can be made in real-time. 

Integration Overview


This initial release of the integration allows for outbound notifications. Future integrations will bring in additional capabilities from xMatters and Service Desk Plus. Additionally, this integration is fully supported for Managed Service Provider installations, so contact your SDP Customer Service representative to get the integration installed. The integration will likely work with an on premise installation of SDP, but that version is only community supported. 



  • Manage Engine Service Desk Plus MSP
  • xMatters on demand (5.5.50 or later)

How to configure xMatters On-Demand

Create the ManageEngine integration user

Login to xMatters and navigate to the Users tab and click the Add User button.

  • Note: If you are installing this integration into an xMatters trial instance, you don't need to create a new user. Instead, locate the "Integration User" sample user that was automatically configured with the REST Web Service User role when your instance was created and assign them a new password. You can then skip ahead to the next section.

Enter the appropriate details and grant the "REST Web Service User" role and click Save. 

Set a password and click Save:


Import the ManageEngine Communication Plan


Navigate to the Developer tab and click Import Plan:



Load the integration\components\xmatters\reb\ file and click Import Plan:



By default, the plan is imported disabled. Click the checkbox to enable it:



Then click Edit > Forms to edit the forms



Again, the forms are imported disabled, so click the checkbox > Create Event Web Service:



Next, click Permissions:



And enter the integration user configured above, then click Save Changes. 



How to configure Service Desk Plus


Note that <ProductHome> refers to the installed location of Service Desk Plus. This will vary from system to system. 


First, create a folder named xMatters in the following location:




Then, copy the integration\components\servicedeskplus\xMattersConfig.xml file to the folder created above. Open the file in a text editor and update the client and instance values with the appropriate host name, and set the username and password to the integration user we created above:

Optional: set the usemapping="yes" if usernames in SDP need to be matched with the user names in xmatters. For example:

Next, edit <Product-Home>/server/default/conf/plugins/NotificationActionPlugins.xml and paste the following lines between the <notification-actions> tag. 

The file should look similar to this, depending on other plugins enabled in the environment:

 Finally, restart SDP to pick up the new plugin. 


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