Now Available: Support Requests via xMatters Support Community

Good news! As of Monday, January 12, xMatters' customers and partners will be able to create, review, and update support requests online via the xMatters support community portal.


When will this change occur?

Current target launch date is Monday, January 12. We'll communicate with all customers when the change is complete.


How does this affect my support requests?

This new capability will provide customers with more visibility into all of your support tickets and enables you to quickly and easily review and update as needed - all at your convenience from this support community site.


What happens if I have an open request when this occurs?

All open support requests will be moved over to the new system. Starting January 12, you will be able to view all of your open requests in the new portal.


What about previous support requests that have been resolved or closed?

xMatters will continue to maintain an archive of all customer tickets. Only open support requests will be migrated to the new portal.


Can I still call xMatters support?

Absolutely. You can still contact the xMatters Customer Support by telephone:

  • US/Canada: (877) 962-8877 Option 2
  • International: +1 925.226.0300 press 2
  • EMEA: +44 (0) 20 3427 6333
  • Australia/APJ Support: +61-2-8038-5048 Option 2


Will I be able to update my support request via email?

Yup. Simply reply to any email from xMatters support that references the specific ticket that you want to update or add information to. Create new tickets online in this support community or by telephone.


How do I learn more?

For any questions, contact the xMatters Customer Support team.

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