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The Integration Agent utilities package (integrationagent-utils.jar), also known as the IAUtils, was removed from the the 5.1 patch 002 version of the integration agent and all subsequent releases. This change was made because some integrations rely on a specific version of the utilities package, and the embedded version would overwrite the existing version whenever the Integration Agent was updated. 

As a result of this change, some older integrations may fail to start up properly after the Integration Agent is updated. When this happens, the Integration Agent logs will contain an error message similar to the following (line breaks inserted for formatting purposes):

The script for Integration Service (servicenowim20,servicenowim20)
could not be created due to an exception.
Caused by: org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException: 
Function importClass must be called with a class; had 
"[JavaPackage com.alarmpoint.integrationagent.http.HttpClientWrapper]"


This issue occurs when an integration that did not include an embedded utilities package cannot find the necessary dependencies and causes the integration agent to not start.

To address this issue, you can install the required version of the utilities package into each integration service that requires it; this also enables you to have multiple integration services on the same Integration Agent using different versions of the utilities package.

To ensure that you have the correct version of the integration utilities package for your integration, ensure that you backup your entire Integration Agent installation folder before upgrading.

To upgrade your Integration Agent, follow the instructions in the latest Integration Agent patch release notes (example), and then use the following steps to apply the correct utilities package to each integration service: 

  1. In the back up of your Integration Agent, locate the <IAHOME>/lib/integrationagent-utils.jar file.
  2. Copy the file into the /lib folder of the integration service that requires it; for example:

Note: Do NOT copy the file to <IAHOME>/lib

  1. Open the <IAHOME>/integrationservices/<integrationservice>/<integrationservice>.xml file in a text editor, and locate the <classpath> node.
  2. Replace the node with the following code:
  1. Save and close the file.
  2. Restart the Integration Agent.
  3. Verify that the Integration Agent starts successfully.
    • The following message should appear: "Successfully completed Integration Agent bootstrap process. Integration Agent is running."




 xMatters internal reference: DTN-4045, XFO-5894

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