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Global Coverage

While this page summarizes in-country SMS codes from which xMatters sends messages where available, we can send SMS messages to virtually any country. OK, not North Korea - you've got us on that one - but almost everywhere else. Rest assured that even if we don't have an in-country code for a given location, with very few exceptions we'll still be able to send SMS messages there.

Benefits of in-country delivery

We're continually working with our SMS providers to add in-country numbers, as they have several key advantages:

  • Message recipients are less likely to assume that they're receiving spam from some nefarious, distant land (and will instead read their messages)
  • Since responses are local, recipients won't bear international response costs
  • Foreign carriers are less likely to spam filter messages coming through local codes
  • On occasion, carriers will change the response address if it comes from a foreign address, so messages sent from local numbers maintain their two-way capabilities

We believe this is what's best for our customers, so we'll continue to invest in the roll-out of additional in-country numbers. Also, some clients may have other codes assigned for security, reach, resiliency and other purposes.

Carrier number changes
We constantly work with carriers to ensure that the table below represents the numbers that they use, but carriers sometimes modify sender numbers as they route traffic across their network. As a best practice, we recommend that you advise your xMatters users of this possibility so that they don't block or ignore SMS messages from xMatters.

Primary & Secondary SMS Codes

Here are the primary and, where available, secondary SMS (long/short) codes that the xMatters services use when sending SMS messages.  All other countries not listed in the table use the primary number +447860028602 and secondary number +447624803074.

All countries support two-way messaging unless otherwise stated in the Notes field.

Country Primary Number Secondary Number Notes
ARGENTINA.png Argentina 2018    
Australia_3x.png Australia +61480029168 +61418490093  
Austria_3x.png Austria 4367680050534    
Belgium_3x.png Belgium +32460203148 8861

Brazil_3x.png Brazil 29562    
BULGARIA.png Bulgaria +447860028602 +447624803074  One-way messaging only.
Canada_3x.png Canada 87961 66936  
China_3x.png China 106905705763562699 106536723562699 China Mobile
China_3x.png China 1069800000953562699   China Unicom and China Telecom
Czech_Republic_3x.png Czech Republic +420736352144 420736370670  
Denmark_3x.png Denmark +4592455366 +4592450013  
France_3x.png France xmatters 33757909923
"Reply to" number
is +33757909923
Germany_3x.png Germany +491771782295    
Hong_Kong.png Hong Kong +85264507398 +85264506817  
HUNGARY.png Hungary 36707178530    
India_3x.png India Number starting with "5" Number starting with "5" - "Reply to" number is +919266801946
Indonesia_3x.png Indonesia XMTTRS   - "Reply to" number is +6285574670817
Ireland_3x.png Ireland 353861800173    
Israel.png Israel


ITALY.png Italy


MACEDONIA.png Macedonia 38975909571    
Malaysia_3x.png Malaysia 601117225840   - "Reply to" number is +447860028602
Mexico_3x.png Mexico +529993190005   - "Reply to" number
is +529993190005, but sender number may be random.
Netherlands_3x.png Netherlands +3197010253648 3197004498211  
New_Zealand_3x.png New Zealand 2663    
NORWAY.png Norway +4759447539 4759440567  
Philippines_3x.png Philippines 639221100125    
Poland_3x.png Poland +48732484298 48664079208  
Romania_3x.png Romania 40371700979    
Russia_3x.png Russia XMATTERS   - "Reply to" number
is +79037676861
Singapore_3x.png Singapore +6582410968 +6582400041  
South_Africa_3x.png South Africa 1234    
South_Korea_3x.png South Korea 821333665676   - One-way messaging only.
Spain_3x.png Spain 34988057371    
Sweden_3x.png Sweden +46701921655 +46765193894  
Switzerland_3x.png Switzerland +41798074818 +41798071219  
Taiwan.png Taiwan 886961591245    
Thailand_3x.png Thailand 66614026571 45609910349   
United_Arab_Emirates_3x.png United Arab Emirates 1752    
United_Kingdom_3x.png United Kingdom +447782661824


United_States_3x.png United States 87961 66936 Secondary number in effect for Puerto Rico.
VIETNAM.png Vietnam


All others




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    Karla Poplawski

    UPDATE: added an entry for Vietnam - 84563292587

  • 0
    Don Clark

    UPDATE: On January 12, 2022, the primary number for Taiwan changed to 886961591245 (previous number was 886903448418).

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