On-Call Group Scheduling: Monthly Recurrence Rules

During the work we recently completed for the updated On-Call Group Scheduling, we found and addressed a bug in the way our monthly recurrence rules were resolved.


Fixing this bug means we can offer some new scheduling functionality that wasn't available before, but has also slightly changed the way on-call status is calculated for monthly recurring shifts. This article describes these changes.


The Issue:

Monthly recurring schedules require 3 things:

  1. The days of the week when the shifts should occur
  2. The recurrence interval
  3. A start date


The issue meant that monthly recurring schedules would only take place on the specified days of the week which fell after the start date each month.


For example:

This schedule is set to recur on Fridays, repeating every month and starting on February 14, 2015

The issue meant that this shift would only be on-call on Fridays that landed after the 14th of each month. See below for the old monthly schedule for March 2015 and note that all the Fridays that land before the 14th do not have a shift on-call.


After the bug fix in the Winter Release (5.5.64), you can see that the same shift is now on call for every Friday after the start date in February, and then every Friday after that.



This fix means you can now accurately create 1 month on, X months off schedules but it has made a change to the way existing monthly recurring shifts will be behave.


New Functionality:

The bug fix has provided the ability to create schedules that recur on the Xth day of each month and repeat every Y months.

This wasn't possible before, as deselecting all the days in the day selector threw a warning message:

In the Winter Release, using the new On-Call Group Scheduling you can now deselect all the days of the week and create a schedule that repeats on the same calendar day of each month, no matter which day of the week it actually lands on.

For example: 

This shift is scheduled to be on-call from midnight to noon on the 15th of February and every 15th of the month onwards.

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