Integration Agent 5.1.5 doesn't allow custom HTTP responses

When posting an HTTP request to an integration service deployed on the xMatters Integration Agent (IA) version 5.1.5, any updates made to the HTTP response parameter (httpResponse) that is passed to the apia_http function are not returned to the client making the HTTP request.

As noted in the Integration Agent 5.1.6 release notes, this issue has been addressed in the 5.1.6 version of the Integration Agent.

This behavior impacts the following integrations (for details, see the sections below):

  • BMC Remedy Change 3.x, 4.x
  • BMC Remedy Dataload 3.x, 4.x
  • BMC Remedy Incident 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
  • HP BSM (OMi) 1.x, 2.x
  • New Relic 1.x

BMC Remedy Integration
The Remedy integration uses the custom response to register that the post to the IA was successful. On IA 5.1.5, the error handler on the Remedy side detects a problem posting the request to the IA and will attempt to post the request three more times.

HP Business Service Management and OMi Integration
The BSM/OMi integration uses the custom response to send back either an OprEvent or OprEventChange object that indicates a successful post to xMatters. On IA 5.1.5, BSM/OMi doesn't receive these response documents.

New Relic Integration
The New Relic integration uses the custom response to send back the response the IA receives when it creates an event in xMatters. On IA 5.1.5, the response from xMatters isn't returned to New Relic.

Other Integrations
Other integrations such as CA Service Desk and HP NNMi have code that attempts to send custom information in the HTTP response; however, those updates do not affect the operation of the integrations.

Run the Remedy, BSM/OMi, and New Relic integrations on IA 5.1.4 and not on 5.1.5. You can download version 5.1.4 here (scroll down the page to the "Older Integration Agent Downloads" section).

xMatters internal reference

SUP-11370, DTN-4385

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    Don Clark

    I've updated the article to note that this issue has been fixed in the Integration Agent version 5.1.6.

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