HP BSM Operations Manager i (OMi) 10

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With the xMatters and HP OMi integration, the appropriate technician can be notified directly via voice, email, SMS or pager. Information about the failure will be presented to the recipient and decisions can be made in real-time.

Once a response is submitted using the recipient’s device, xMatters will update the HP OMi event in real-time. The benefit is that this process is immediate – significantly faster than the time required for staff to notice the failures or malfunctions, determine who is on call, and manually notify the right person. In addition, the ability to take simple actions on the event from any device gives the event resolver a quick way to deal with many issues and communicate to other team members the current state of the event.

During the process, every notification, response, and action is logged in xMatters. In addition, xMatters automatically annotates the original event with status information.

The xMatters product features a self-service web user interface to allow accurate assignment of responsible personnel for each job. xMatters also includes a Subscription panel that allows both managed and self-subscription to HP OMi events. 


The following components must be installed prior to installing the integration:

  • xMatters On-Demand
  • xMatters Integration Agent
  • HP OMi (Tested with OMi 10)

Note: This integration does not support the Bulk Transfer feature in HP OMi; each event must be sent to the integration Agent separately. Attempting to use bulk transfer or similar options may result in the Integration Agent receiving only a partial message, and will cause the integration to time out.

Download Resources:

HP OMi Integration Package (Includes Documentation Manual) - zip

Download   (1.1 MB)

Download HP BSM OMi Integration 3.0 Documentation Manual below.


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    Lei Liu

    in hpomi.js file, the following loading statement needs to be changed:

    load("integrationservices/" + INTEGRATION_VERSION + "/lib/baseclass.js");
    load("integrationservices/" + INTEGRATION_VERSION + "/lib/logger.js");
    load("integrationservices/" + INTEGRATION_VERSION + "/lib/wsutil.js");
    load("integrationservices/" + INTEGRATION_VERSION + "/lib/xmattersws.js");


    load("integrationservices/" + INTEGRATION_VERSION + "/lib/javascript/core/baseclass.js");
    load("integrationservices/" + INTEGRATION_VERSION + "/lib/javascript/core/logger.js");
    load("integrationservices/" + INTEGRATION_VERSION + "/lib/javascript/webservices/wsutil.js");
    load("integrationservices/" + INTEGRATION_VERSION + "/lib/javascript/xmatters/xmattersws.js");

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    Iain Rose

    Thanks Lei, I've updated the integration package with these changes.

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    Jared Flanders

    Iain, There are vaste differences between OMi 10.0 and OMi 10.10 - HP change a lot of things. Is this tested with 10.0? or 10.10? Would you like to work with us as we are trying to implement this integration? We are on OMi 10.12.

    I should add that we have not been successful with the implementation of OMi 10.12 to xMatters.

    Edited by Jared Flanders
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    Iain Rose

    Hi Jared,

    I'll look into the specific version that was used for testing but in the meantime can you log a support ticket and describe the issues you have encountered?

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    Iain Rose

    Hi Jared, our integration was tested using OMi 10.01.041.

    Do you have any details on the changes that have blocked you so far?

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    Jared Flanders

    Our xMatters Support ticket is #116785. We are using OMi 10.12. We have had to engage Whitlock services for them to help us. We now can send a one way communication from OMi 10.12 to xMatters but are still working on a two-way back from xMatters to OMi 10.12.

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    Brandon Barna

    Iain, I followed the instructions you put in this OMi integration package but when I transfer ownership I get 

    "Gateway server '<OMi Server name removed for posting>' failed to forward the event with id '<removed for posting>', triggered by manual transfer control, to server '<Integration Agent server name removed for posting>' due to the following error: HTTP
    request to Connected Server '<nickname of server removed for posting>' on node '<Integration Agent Server name removed for posting>' failed with HTTP status: (404) Not Found
    'Cannot bind to address "http://<integration agent server ip removed for posting>:8081%2Fhttp%2Fapplications_hpomi-3-0%2Fevent" No component registered on that endpoint'."


    I'm using all Linux based servers. OMi 10.12 DPS, OMi GW 10.12, xM IA and connecting to xM On-Demand.
    My IA connects just fine to xM On-Demand but the omi side wont allow me to test communication.

    it keeps pointing to a folder after port 8081 called http applications_hpomi-event
    8081 wasn't binded to any application so that port is empty on my linux server.

    I also was unsure if httpd needed turned on.



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    Iain Rose

    Hi Brandon,

    Sorry that you're running into issues. I'm sure we can get you up and running in short order.

    It looks to me as if there may be an issue with the installation of the integration service but it's hard for me to tell from the logs you've posted. I think you'd be better opening a support case with our client assistance team.

    If you scroll to the top of this page and click on the 'Submit a Request' link and you'll be able to open a case.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Iain

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    Jeremy Brown

    Brandon, That message indicates that the integration agent does not have an "hpomi-3-0" integration service monitoring port 8081.  You mentioned that OMi is trying to contact an endpoint called "hpomi-event", which indicates a separate problem.

    In order to for this integration to work properly, the IA must have an active integration service called "hpomi-3-0" within the "applications" event domain.  On the xMatters hosted instance, the "applications" event domain also needs to have an "hpomi-3-0" integration service.  And the management system needs to send requests to the endpoint provided by this integration service.  The current integration document provides this endpoint information in the "Creating a connected server" section.

    My guesses are:
    * the integration service isn't installed, either on the IA or on xMatters
    * the integration service is configured incorrectly, preventing the IA from running it; or
    * the IA's "service gateway" configuration has been overridden from the default of port 8081

    To get the fastest possible resolution to this problem, please open a terminal and navigate to  <IAHome>/tools, then invoke ./support-zip.sh.  Open a support ticket as suggested by Iain, and attach the support-zip archive to the ticket.

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    Robert Luessi

    Hi Iain

    I was reading the comments on OMi 10.12 from Jared and you.

    Is there a generic Issue when integrating xmatters (latest on premise) to OMi 10.12 ?


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    Doug Peete


    We haven't, to my knowledge, tested on 10.12. But we will assist with specific issues if you file a support ticket using the technique Jeremy outlined. Out integration tools are very flexible, so when you provide support data we can typically make adjustments quickly.


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    Marek Krauz

    We have this integration running with OMI 10.12 and about to test it with OMI 10.62.


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    Christine Astle

    Integration package updated to improve deduplication support and compatibility with newer versions of the Integration Agent.

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