Verifying Dialogic hardware key (dongle) licensing

When upgrading an xMatters deployment from 4.1 to 5.x on Windows, one step that often gets missed is the fact that the operating system is also changing. This change to the OS can have a negative impact on the upgrade process if you are using Dialogic cards.

We have tested the hardware component of the Dialogic setup, and if the card is on the supported list (and physically fits into the box), it is likely to work on the upgraded system, but may require a newer driver. (You can download the drivers from our Support site.)

The one component that is likely to cause issues is the hardware key, or dongle. The dongle resembles a USB thumb drive, but is actually a critical part of the software: the Dialogic drivers will not work without it.

To ensure that the hardware key works, you need to know how many lines the key can support, and what version it is.

So how do you find the line numbers and the version?

Well, assuming you installed on the C: drive, open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Syntellect\CT ADE\Common\Bin

Double-click LicenseUpgrade.exe and, when the program opens, click View Current Hardware Key.

You should see windows similar to the following, which will provide all the information you need:



Reference: DTN-4266, DTN-4136

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