'Super' and 'Company' administrators in xMatters On-Demand

Users familiar with the premises version of xMatters are likely also familiar with the concept of Super Administrators and Company Administrators. Essentially, these two roles allowed for complete installation and configuration control over an entire xMatters deployment.

With the advent of the xMatters private cloud infrastructure, a new role was introduced for On-Demand clients: Company Supervisor. This role was specifically designed to provide clients with control over all of the facets available in their xMatters instance within the hosted deployment. As described in the xMatters On-Demand help, Company Supervisors can:

"Maintain and administrate a company, including permissions for company administrative tasks on the Admin tab. This role also includes all of the functions available to lesser supervisory roles such as supervising users and groups, and has full permissions to act on most other roles."

(For an explanation of roles in xMatters On-Demand, see the Permissions and Roles page in the online help.)

The Company Supervisor role is not quite the same as the old Company Administrator role, mostly due to the differences involved in hosting an xMatters instance in our data center versus having xMatters installed on a client's local machine. 

If there are permissions or adminstrative tasks that you feel you should be able to do within your xMatters On-Demand instance, consult with your Client Success Manager to detemine whether we can create a custom role, or modify your existing Company Supervisor role to meet your needs. Keep in mind, however, that there are some tasks and permissions available in premises installations that are no longer customer-accessible in On-Demand.

Also, please note: the Company Administrator role no longer exists in xMatters On-Demand and Client Assistance cannot create or assign the role for On-Demand users.




xMatters internal reference: DTN-5033

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