How to change the default 'companyname' recording

This article describes the process for changing the default company name recording to a new custom recording in premises versions of xMatters. To update the company recording in xMatters On-Demand instances, talk to Client Assistance.

Note: Appropriate administrative permissions are required to update the companyname.vox file on the global event domain.  If you don't have appropriate permissions, then your recording may be uploaded to the applications domain and get replaced by the default companyname recording when the application is updated.

To change the default companyname recording file:

These instructions require that you have created and saved a new recording file to your computer called 'companyname'. For more information about creating and managing recordings, refer to the xMatters Installation and Administration Guide (Version 5.1) available here.

Step 1: Remove the existing companyname recording

  1. Log into xMatters as a Super Administrator.
  2. On the Developer tab, select Manage Recordings from the Phone Recordings menu.
  3. In the list of recordings, type companyname in the FileName field, and then press Enter.
  4. In the list of returned results, select the companyname recording on the global event domain, and then click Remove Selected.
    • If the companyname recording is available in multiple languages and you only want to replace the recording for a specific language, click the ID number link to access a list of the recording in different languages. You can select and remove a specific version from this list.

If you don't want to delete the previous companyname recording, you can change the name of the file instead. Click the ID number link and edit the Recording Phrase (name) field (for example, 'companyname_old').

The filename 'companyname' is reserved for the recording file that xMatters will use to play the name of the company in its notifications.

Step 2: Upload the new recording

  1. On the Manage Recordings page, click Add New.
  2. In the Recording Phrase field, type companyname, and add an optional description.
  3. Click Save.
    • xMatters will confirm that the phone recording has been saved.
  4. Under Recording Details, click Add New.
  5. Click Browse, and then locate and select the new companyname file on your computer.
  6. Click Save, and then click Save again.
    • If you are only replacing the companyname recording for a specific language, search for the existing companyname recording and click the ID number link to add a new recording in an available language configured for the company.

 Step 3: Verify the file upload

  1. On the Manage Recordings page, search for the companyname recording.
  2. Click the ID number link.
  3. Click Play (the green button) to play the recording in Quicktime. (If you don't have Quicktime, you can install it by clicking Download Quicktime.)
  4. As additional confirmation that the new companyname file was uploaded, you can log into xMatters as an Administrator and confirm the file is available, or send yourself a voice validation.


*Note: You can save an existing recording to your computer by right clicking the volume button and selecting Save Audio As when playing the recording in Quicktime. This may be useful if you need to save a recording uploaded by a user to the application domain, and then upload it to the global event domain.




xMatters reference: DTN-5031 Originally submitted by Thomas Smith

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