Why can't I delete a property from my form layout?

When I try to delete a custom property from my form layout I get the error message, 'This property cannot be deleted because it is used in a message'.

xMatters does not allow you to delete properties from the layout view if they are being used in the content of email, fax, text, or voice messages. This prevents anyone from unintentionally affecting the content of preconfigured messages. You need to manually delete the property from any messages where it is being used before you can delete the property from the form layout.

To delete the property:

  1. Click the Messages tab of the form editor to access the message editors.

  1. Click Edit to view the content for each message type, and then delete the property from any of the messages where it is being used.
    • Remember to click Save Changes after editing each type of message.
  1. On the Layout tab, delete the property from the custom section of your form by clicking the red X in the property's row.



xMatters reference: DTN-5213 originally submitted by Mike Woodley



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