Refresh a conference call

We know that clients love to use our conference bridge functionality to resolve their critical issues. And we also know that sometimes resolving issues can take many hours – or even days

Bridge on… and on...

To address this real-world need, we've worked with our conference bridge service provider to allow connections to conference bridges lasting longer than four hours to be refreshed. In the past, users were disconnected from a conference bridge after four hours, and if everyone reached their four-hour maximum the call would be terminated.

Now xMatters-hosted conference bridges can be extended indefinitely. Users whose call is about to expire will be notified before their call ends and be given the option to refresh the call by hanging up and dialing back in, or to have xMatters call them back to automatically reconnect them.

Go beepless, or just less beepy.

By default, a beep is sounded whenever someone joins or leaves a conference bridge. If you’ve got a big conference bridge going with people dropping in and out, all that beeping can be a distraction. Fear not - you can be the boss of your beeps. Only want beeps when people join the bridge and not when they leave? Done. No beeps for you? We’ll make that happen (not happen?). Simply contact support to request changes to your conference bridge beep settings.

To adjust conference bridge beep settings, contact xMatters Client Assistance:

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