Receive long texts as a single message

Some of our customers have reported that long SMS (text) messages get split into multiple messages when delivered to their mobile devices. This may be undesirable because it can break embedded links or URLs included in messages. By converting a text message into a multimedia message (MMS), the text will be sent as a single message and links or URLs in the message will be preserved.

Why does my SMS get split into multiple messages?

Did you know the maximum length of a text message is 160 characters? Believe it or not, this number was deemed as the "perfectly sufficient" length to communicate most thoughts, by a German guy typing random sentences on his typewriter (true story). Thanks to Herr Hillebrand and the adoption of his research by modern cellular carriers, text messages longer than 160 characters will be split into multiple text messages - unless you are able to receive MMS on your device.

How to enable MMS on your device

MMS messaging is controlled by your phone provider and your device settings. You will need to confirm with your provider that they support MMS, and then check that it's enabled in your device settings.


xMatters internal reference: DOC-5876

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    Gaurav Bedi

    We also have some users from SPRINT carrier who is getting the split message.

    We have done below testing:

    1. Sent a long test message from personal mobile.

    Ans: It delivered as one message.

    2. Sent the same message from PROD.

    Ans: It delivered in splits.

    3. Sent a test message from NON-PROD.

    Ans: It delivered as One single message.


    It is happening for the sprint users only and from PROD box only.

    There must be some setting in the xMatters which needs to be corrected.



    Gaurav Bedi 


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    Don Clark

    Hi Gaurav! This sounds like something best suited for a request to Client Assistance. They should be able to compare your non-prod and prod settings to see if there's some difference that would explain it.


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